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Frequent questions
How much will a menu cost for less than 100 guests?

In this case, due to fixed costs which have a greater impact upon a lower number of guests, we would have to calculate a price. Much will depend upon the 3 dishes chosen, since some products are more expensive than others. The price could remain the same or increase by 10 or 15%. If the event is not held on a Saturday, there could be greater flexibility.

How many canapés can be chosen for an aperitif?

The standard offer is 8 canapés to be served during an aperitif lasting one hour. You can choose from all the options listed under “Canapés”. Occasionally, it may be necessary to pay a supplement according to the chosen combination of ingredients.

How many canapés are served per guest?

On average, we offer two of each type of canapé per guest, which makes a total of 16 per person during the aperitif.

Can you have additional canapés?

Yes, it is possible and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Can the duration of the aperitif be extended?

Yes, it is possible and the price will be adjusted accordingly. In this case, we would recommend that the number of canapés be increased or a food station be introduced.

Will there be a service offering freshly-cut, off-the-bone ham?

Definitely. Our hams are 100% Bellota (from acorn-fed pigs) from the Monte Nevado region in Segovia. All the ham comes from pigs of the Ibérico breed which have been fed naturally. These hams are controlled and come complete with a Certificate of Origin. The service includes a professional Jamonero (ham cutter), not a waiter, and an 8 or 9 kg ham which is sufficient for between 80 – 100 guests. We also include the cutting table and tablecloth, the trays and serving plates.
Price: €500

We also have the following options available:

– croutons, quelitas, (a traditional Mallorcan salted biscuit), our own crystal bread with
tomato and other cold cuts, served at the ham table.
– serve freshly cut ham, direct from the kitchen on trays. In this case, the ham can
be ordered by weight in the event that a whole ham would not be necessary.

Please consult our staff for prices.

Is there a cocktail service during the aperitif?

Most certainly. Our company takes great care with all the details. The service includes 2 cocktails from the list for the one-hour duration of the aperitif, the cocktail bartenders and glasses.
Price: €3.50 per person (the price is supplementary to the hiring of the drinks service).

What materials are included in the assembly (banquets)?

Our assemblies include: White Chiavari chairs, round tables seating 10 people, bistro tables (1 for every 15/20 people), white table linen (or coloured upon request and availability), illuminated bar in the dance area, bar in the aperitif area, white porcelain base plates, and white serviettes. Other combinations are possible, so please consult with our staff.

How many waiters serve the aperitif and meal? How are they dressed?

We train our own team of waiters who are young, dynamic, full of motivation, well-mannered and interested in doing their job right. They will always serve you with a smile. We provide 1 waiter per 10 guests, both during the aperitif and the meal. Their uniform consists of a white shirt, black trousers and black apron.

What type of coffee is included in the menu?

We use “Espresso” coffee capsules prepared in the act and served as requested by the guest; with milk, short, black, etc. We also offer a variety of herbal teas such as lime blossom, chamomile and mint, as well as tea.

Which liqueurs are included in the after-meal service?

Sweet, dry and mixed herbs, brandy, Pacharan, whisky and Baileys.

Can spirits or cocktails from the open bar be consumed at the table?

Yes they may, but the guests must get their drinks from the bar themselves. If they would like some more liqueurs, they can also find these at the bar. Whilst the free bar is open, the waiters are obliged to clean the tables and begin to clear away tables and chairs.

How much does an extra hour of open bar cost? How much do additional hours cost?

The cost of the first extra hour of the open bar service is calculated based on 75% of the guests, at a price of €8 per person. The cost of a second extra hour of open bar is calculated upon 50% of the guests, at a price of €8 per person. The cost of any further additional hours will be based on the amount of guests present, at a price of €8 per person (with a minimum of €300).

Will cocktails be available from the open bar?

For cocktail fans, the open bar offers 3 different cocktails to choose from whilst it is open. The price includes the cocktail bartenders and glasses.
Price: €7 per person (the price is supplementary to the hiring of the open bar service).

How far in advance must I reserve the catering service?

As soon as possible, since we can only accept a limited number of services in one day. We want everything to be perfect and therefore we must limit the number of simultaneous events.

What are the payment conditions?

Once the date of the event has been confirmed, you must pay 25% of the total budget to make a firm reservation. A further 25% will be paid one month before the event. The remaining 50% will be paid 8 days prior to the event, confirming at the same time, the exact number of guests. Cancellation Policy: The client has the right to a refund of 50% of the amount paid in advance, only if the cancellation request has been sent by email with at least 3 months prior notice to the date of the event.

How can I pay?

You can pay preferably by bank transfer. In the concept of the transfer, you must at least indicate the date and place of the event and make a clear reference to the client (for example, names of the bride and groom). You may also pay by credit card or in cash, always respecting the limits stipulated by law.

What does the menu tasting involve?

We provide menu tastings for up to 6 guests. Our tastings include a full selection of our canapes, 3 different starters 3 main courses and 3 desserts. We also present our Cava and wines contracted.


30€ per person for confirmed events
55€ per person for unconfirmed events or second tastings

It´s possible that some wines will be charged a part

*Tastings must be pre-ordered based on our availability (Mondays- Fridays)

The prices indicated do not include 10% VAT


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